How it’s done

The Texas Method is a strength program designed for the intermediate and advanced lifter.  If that’s you, simply follow these steps to get started on your journey to improved strength with the Texas Method Workout Program.

First off, you’ll need to set aside three workout days per week. Each day is considered a full workout and you must give your one hundred percent to that session.

As an intermediate or advanced lifter, you should be aware of your maxes.  This will be very helpful in determining the load and volume of your training each week. Here’s a simple workout template laid down by Mark Rippetoe which can guide you on your Texas Method sessions.
workout template

As you can see, the main idea for the Friday workout is for you to have an increased five-rep max (a five percent increase as a minimum target).  The Wednesday workout builds volume and will help you recover from Monday in preparation for testing your new 5RM on Friday.

Sounds easy? The program is simple, execution is the difficult thing.  Get started and you’ll be throwing around much larger weights in no time.  Good luck!