Expected Results

If it’s absolute strength that you’re after, the Texas Method Workout Program is likely a great option for you.   In order for you to get a better idea on what this program is all about and what you can expect to achieve from it, we have collected some testimonials from fellow lifters such as yourself.

Here are some of their comments, which include some helpful tips as well:

  • I ran the Texas Method for quite a while after Starting Strength stopped working for me. It worked great for my squat. I had halted on Starting Strength at a measly 225x5x3, but with TM I was able to move up to a max of 330, and something like 285x5x5. Nothing great, but significant progress, and I am not a natural athlete…. ~ Shoot Bricks
  • Its a solid program. This year, 3 of the 8 man US team to go to the Pan American games in Olympic weightlifting are coached by me, and all have used the “Texas Method” quite a bit in their training. Like any program, it’s not the end all be all of training, but it gets you stronger and bigger. Here are three videos of a 265 lb, 19 year old kid clean and jerking 446 lbs, a 204 lb kid clean and jerking 408 lbs, and a 235 lb man clean and jerking 464 lbs, respectively, all drug free, and all built a lot of their strength on programs similar or exactly the same as what is now called the “Texas Method”, although I didn’t call it that when we first started using it. Someone else came up with that name. ~Glenn Pendlay